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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 10, 2008 20:50 Flag

    Don't You Just Love - part II

    Nige and Kipper...thanks for the aknowledgements.
    Your debates with Alfie are none of my business and I know Alfie is a big boy so can look after himself there.
    I also have no problems with you slagging off Spurs. hey your opposng fans right...thats what we do innit. Your comments are always welcome by me.
    On the football matter while i wont go as far as to say we are better than Ar5ena1(im not a mental) I will gloat over their downfall at every opportunity.....as Alfie says...weve had to swallow it for so many years we are bound to jump at the chance to dish some out for a change.......and weve been blessed this season in particular!
    Cheers EY