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  • I agree about your choice of winner kipper (even if he is a p*ss taking cheat on occasion) Torres has been a sensation but you cant compete with 35+ goals from midfield and god knows how many assists can you?
    I would like to have seen Berbi on the shortlist but only for kudos sake. His performances have not been consistant this season and is nowhere near the top of the list (although I would put him above the gooner....obviously)

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    • BTW I cant believe people are thinking Calamity James is suddnely world class! Great shot stopper yes but he is worth one clanger every game. That might be amusing when you are playing Bolton or Wigan in a non event but its a bloody embarrassment when your wearing the 3 lions and the world is watching!

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      • It makes me angry that he wins awards voted for my other players though, because I'd like to see them making some attempt to stamp out the dirty and unsporting play he produces, but apparently not.

        I don't think Berbs deserves nomination - he's been good, but not special.

      • I too would put Berbatov a short head in front of Adeybeyor and i did wonder at Calamity James making the list.

        James and Pompy have done well this season. I only get to see James on MOTD but he has been awesome in goal this year. So much so that when Robinson was dropped for England,much as we all know James is prone to the odd error or six, i thought he should be straight in for Robinson. If club form gets you picked for your country then James was head and shoulders above Robinson,Green and Carson.

        I was trying to think who deserves to be ahead of James and at 1st i came up with Robbie K. I was amazed to see heonly has 14 goals this season,i thought he was hotter than that this year!

        Maybe Young or Aghbongolar could have made the list but Ronaldo for all his faults is the one and only winner.