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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 14, 2008 19:29 Flag

    Is Robbo really the worst keeper of the season?

    According to the Eurosport Team of the Week pages, Robbo is the worst keeper of the season so far and looks set to finish in that place.

    What do you think?

    To be honest, I don't think he's stood out enough to claim that crown - for me, this season overall has been incredibly average for him. He's had a few shockers, and he's had a few stunners, but generally he's been middle of the road. I wonder if it's down to the papers judging him harshly because he's supposed to be England's number 1?

    That said, I'm not sure who I'd put down as worst keeper of the season...

    Any thoughts?

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    • I'm happy for Fulham to go - I think it's their time really - but I really want Bolton to stay up. They had such potential for UEFA, even playing their reserves (actual reserves, not Arsenal 'reserves') they nearly had Sporting Lisbon, & they're not a bad side. I also think Megson's got what it takes for them, if it wasn't for the brief Sammy Lee period we'd be looking at a very different picture.

      That said, the nearest team that I'm not fussed about seeing go down is Sunderland (and even then I'd rather they didn't, so Middleborough really), so I think I'll be disappointed whatever happens. I was about to share the reasons for wanting all the teams inbetween to stay up, but they're not very interesting so I won't.

    • Obviously Derby are down already & I think Fulham and Bolton will be joining them.
      I don't know why, but I'd rather see the Brummies go down than Fulham... maybe it's because they've done the double over us! Mind you if Fulham do drop I wouldn't object to Spurs taking Bullard.

    • It'd be interesting to see what happened if you got paid more for winning the Championship that you did the PL... skint clubs'd be fighting to go back down so they were in with a shot of coming up next year!

      I think the bonus idea's a good one, some clubs have got no hope otherwise, and if the top of the Championship regularly becomes this closely fought then maybe it'd spread the cash around a bit.

      If Jewell can't do it for Derby, no-one can. You can't blame the fans for leaving last weekend - they're already relegated, so the scoreline doesn't matter in that respect, the only reason to go would be to convince yourself that it was unlucky and they'll be back up in a year, so when they start getting spanked for the millionth time that season I think I might nip off for a quick pint too. Bless them.

      Your choices for the drop? Who you think it'll be and who you want it to be (within the realms of reality - asking for a certain team from Woolwich might be pushing it)?

    • Don't know Alfy... looking at the games left maybe Spurs will just sneak it, on goal difference

    • Defintely not. Robbo's error has been highlighted in the press much more than any other keeper. And with the genral public being sheep like coupled with lack of memory it will appear so. Quite right about Roy Carroll. Always remember Mendes' goal against Man Utd and David james is always going walkabouts.

      Robbo is still Englands no1.

    • According to the Opta stats the last few weeks Steed has made & won the most tackles of any Spurs player... maybe that's why we become a soft touch when he's substituted. He's definitely improved under Ramos.

      Defensively I'm surprisingly optimistic for next season... Hutton, Woodgate, King & Bale... if (& that's a big if, considering 3 out of the 4 are injury-prone) they stay fit we will have one of the best back 4's in the PL - on paper at least.

    • I know I'm alone in this, but I actually started to quite like Lee at the end of last season. I thought he'd definitely improved a lot... although when it's between him, Bale & Gunter I know who'd I'd chose. But you're right, generally he's been disappointing.

      My 'most improved' for this season has got to be Malbranque, I didn't think much of him before but he's earned my admiration this year (and I really didn't want to let him have it!)

    • i guess i was judging Lee YP on his performances as a Spurs player generally... which have left me very underwhelmed.

      i had to put in Woodgate cos of that goal!

    • I'd say he's the least imporved keeper of the season (maybe that's what ehy meant by "worst"...it definitely can't be is overall stats

    • Hmm I wouldnt say he is the worst keeper in the Prem.....he has had an indifferent season but how many points would you estimate he has directly cost us? I doubt its many.
      I couldnt say who is the worst keeper in the PL but Roy Carroll was hilarious for Derby at the weekend.

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