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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 15, 2008 18:51 Flag

    Is Robbo really the worst keeper of the season?

    I'm with you on this.

    Worst: Kaboul - Lee spent a long time injured and hasn't had a run since, so I don't think he can particularly be judged on that. Or Bent actually, he's spent whole matches just watching the game being played around him.

    Best: Keane - I loved watching Ledley share the first lift of the cup with him at Wembley, it was a nice touch.

    Honourable Mention: Bale - if he recovers 100% from that injury and is the same player as before, he'll be cracking in the future.

    Disagree on Woodgate, when he's been good he's been very very good, but he's also gone missing for long periods - I actually didn't see him at the Man City game, he was completely anonomous.