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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 16, 2008 22:40 Flag

    Is Robbo really the worst keeper of the season?

    Mind you did you see the Derby fans streaming out at 0-3? Last time I saw that kind of devotion it was the Gooners leaving the Lane at 3-0!! Or was it the Chavskis emptying their end at Wembley before the final whistle?
    In defence of Derby they simply were not prepared for life in the Prem from day one were they? I reckon promoted teams have only 2 options to them....buy big early on (dont wait for the Jan window) or have a manager who doesnt know how to lose. The poor Rams didnt know what hit them when they tried it on with their championship squad and a manager who was used to a lower level. Jewell will bring them back up at some point and then they will stay (like Wigan) for a lot longer.

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    • hehe. hello ey. two brilliant moments you bring to my attention. 1The gooners walking out and 2the chelsea fans staying at the end like the humble fans they are. hehe.

      Derby have been thumped well into 2009 this season. They need a tardis the poor buggers. feel sorry for them really. so whats the chances the the hammers will put more than 3 past em? very likely.

      maybe i'll lose my money after all.

    • Don't know if you listen to Talksport at all, but Mike Parry on there thinks the teams promoted from the Championship should get a bonus payment, so they can buy quality players - rather than giving them the parachute payments when they're relegated again. It's not a bad idea.

      I did see the Derby fans leaving but in their defence, at least they turn up knowing their team is likely to get a thrashing. I lived in Preston for a bit & it was so easy to get tickets to see Blackburn in their PL winning year, it was ridiculous... I know they have a lot of other North-West clubs to compete with for fans, but still.