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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 16, 2008 23:40 Flag

    Is Robbo really the worst keeper of the season?

    It'd be interesting to see what happened if you got paid more for winning the Championship that you did the PL... skint clubs'd be fighting to go back down so they were in with a shot of coming up next year!

    I think the bonus idea's a good one, some clubs have got no hope otherwise, and if the top of the Championship regularly becomes this closely fought then maybe it'd spread the cash around a bit.

    If Jewell can't do it for Derby, no-one can. You can't blame the fans for leaving last weekend - they're already relegated, so the scoreline doesn't matter in that respect, the only reason to go would be to convince yourself that it was unlucky and they'll be back up in a year, so when they start getting spanked for the millionth time that season I think I might nip off for a quick pint too. Bless them.

    Your choices for the drop? Who you think it'll be and who you want it to be (within the realms of reality - asking for a certain team from Woolwich might be pushing it)?