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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 17, 2008 00:01 Flag

    Is Robbo really the worst keeper of the season?

    I'm happy for Fulham to go - I think it's their time really - but I really want Bolton to stay up. They had such potential for UEFA, even playing their reserves (actual reserves, not Arsenal 'reserves') they nearly had Sporting Lisbon, & they're not a bad side. I also think Megson's got what it takes for them, if it wasn't for the brief Sammy Lee period we'd be looking at a very different picture.

    That said, the nearest team that I'm not fussed about seeing go down is Sunderland (and even then I'd rather they didn't, so Middleborough really), so I think I'll be disappointed whatever happens. I was about to share the reasons for wanting all the teams inbetween to stay up, but they're not very interesting so I won't.