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  • Well Berlin, the "Bollox" there is that we've beating Chelski both under Mo and Avram!

    If Chelski wins the CL, wouldn't you rather boast that we've beaten the European Champs?

    Besides, territorial bias will suggest I rather the cup in London!

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    • Watcha Theo. Its a nice idea bout keeping it in London but my personal view is that i'd rather see Man Utd win. Its all the gloating by the goons or chavs that puts me off your idea. So far we can gloat about the ONLY team in London to win a trophy. hehe

      Also if Chelsea win then im inclined to say they bought the league......again with Romans play money

      At least Man Utd earned that right to buy the big players by means of a legit business. NOT money laundering , which is clear in Romans case. Right im off to get shot by one of his cronies for saying that