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  • saarfend-spur saarfend-spur Apr 25, 2008 00:23 Flag

    Slow news week...

    The press boys have had some proper factual stuff to work on this week... CL, etc... and of course they've switched their transfer tales to Ar5ena1 - looks like Flamini & Hleb will be leaving - what a shame! You're right though, I'm missing all the wild rumours.

    Are you going to the game tomorrow not_blonde?.. if so, what do you want the result to be - given your previous about wanting Bolton to stay up.

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    • To be honest I want most teams in the bottom 8 to stay up, so I think I'll be disappointed regardless!

      We need that win, we've had what, 4 draws in the last six? And to teams like Middlesborough and Wigan, if we're not beating them (especially considering their current form) we've got problems. I'm feeling another 1-1 though, maybe a 2-2 if our forwards are on form, but I don't see us getting the win. Worse, I don't imagine any of the players being that surprised or bothered.

      Sadly I'm not going, I live up north these days so paying for travel to home games on top of the tickets is just too much. In fact, the last couple of times I've been to WHL I was working in the director's or shareholders' lounges, which meant I only saw about 60 mins of the game but had a cracking after party!

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      • Allo boys n girls.....been a bit of a quiet one this week eh? ( i almost forget we still had 3 games to go at one stage)
        Lets have a look at this weeks barmy transfer speculation first shall we?
        Kameni - possible
        Eto - Nahh dont think so
        Ronaldhinio - pull the other one
        Ben Haim - unlikely Chavs will sell to us...I dont rate him too highly anyway
        Berbatov - yeah he's off, may also stay in PL just to haunt us.

        On tomorrows game I fancy us to win........just have a feeling we might turn up and actually play a bit. They will scrap but they aint that good.....surely we have enough to poke a few in the net?