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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2008 18:36 Flag

    One of your Units is missing..

    Apologies if I misinterpreted your post nige, I certainly would have been surprised if you had resorted to spamming so no offence intended.
    I guess we shouldnt be surprised that any spammer would not want to sh*t on their own doorstep so I doubt urging one to do so would work.
    As you know there is virtually no policing of threads and posters on these forums and most sensible posters cant be arsed to crusade against those that have too much time on their hands and minimal imagination as to what to do with it.
    I guess Im lucky as I havent yet had a cyber stalker or someone who takes umbrage with every post I make so hopefully yours will bore easily and move on ...whoever he/she is.
    So are the blues staying up or what nige?

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    • No apologies needed from you Yiddo....hope you see what I'm getting at.

      it took a while for me or Roy to figure out who the stalker was, and it went on for a few weeks before and justafter Christmas, before Alfy made a mistake and used his own profile under the fake kovan Id and shot himself in the foot.

      No matter, he won't bore, so suppose I'll have to carry him everywhere. hasnt got anything else to do I guess.

      Just doing the annual garden re-arranging Yiddo at the missus order's, like every year. ' Yes dear, where shall we plant this etc'....like Ive got nothing better to do on my day's off. !

      Do I think Blues will stay up..?? Million dollar question.
      On the face of it, I can't see just how we are once again fighting for survival. Players seem good enough, as Spurs noticed, so where it all went wrong I think was not showing Bruce the door earlier. McLeish is a quality manager who knows a good player, unlike Bruce.

      If we can get a result against Liverpool, yes we can stay up...if not, the last two games will become academic., and with the annual losing of the better players again in the close season, for another go at promotion. I'm getting giddy with this up/down scenario every year or so....Problem as I see it is that we desparately need a Prem Div 2, with a similar structure and wage set up, to acclimatize the newly promoted, West Brom and the other two coming up will find it the same next year I am certain. I hope we can stay up because Im sure we are good enough, and dont really want the 'all start again ' that Im getting accustomed to every couple of years.

      How do you think Spurs will do next year?