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  • Ok, you have your cup this season and are rightly chuffed with that BUT........

    All in all, how do you see this season in terms of acheivment?

    I think Jol went because the board could see 4th spot up for grabs like it hasn't been previously. Arsenal with a young side minus the mecurial Henry wre there for the taking...Except with the bad start you had, 4th was never going to happen.

    Spurs have spent alot and got in my view a great manager in Ramos. However, the old saying "The league is your bread and butter" is still pretty true and with Spurs on the same points as Newcastle, who have had a torrid season, do you think it has been a good season if you take away the cup?

    Also, what would you be satisfied with next season taking into account your new big money player and Ramos being more settled. I.e. would you be pleased with top 7 but no cup...would that be progress?

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    • Judging by the previous 2 seasons you could class this one as a disaster in terms of pushing on from there. Instead of challenging for the top 4 and improving as a squad we have had upheval, poor performances and a well deserved spot in the bottom half.
      BUT.. on the other hand... we have won a trophy and qualified for Europe for the third season in a row (our new bread and butter perhaps?). Most fans outside the top 4 would bite your hand off if offered that in August. This season has definitely been more of a blip than a plummet. I expect to be challenging for 5th/6th at least next season and perhaps another final too. We waited a long time to get our reward of Europe and a cup and I dont see it as a flash in the pan....I personally couldnt contemplate reverting to being happy with mid table and the odd win against the big boys so... I am going to commit that sin that makes us yids so loveable and state that I expect us to push on and take our rightful place amongst the elite......huzzah!!

    • I sked a similar question a while back Roy. I think that the Lillywhites will be dissapointed despite the silverware but I can see them becomming the 'Everton' of next season.

      As for my team...bah. Same old, same old.

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      • well we certainly didn't live up to the pre season hype yes the cup was a great achievement more so because of beating arsenal and chelsea.

        The thing was that we had improved but so did everyone else ie man city who had a cracking start to the season top at one stage we on the other hand just faded away.

        I felt for martin jol think he should have been given more time but in football you thats one thing you dont get Ramos is a great manager so we will see about next season.

        All in all though it hasn't been the best season for us league wise so any finish above our position next season will be an achievement