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  • Judging by the previous 2 seasons you could class this one as a disaster in terms of pushing on from there. Instead of challenging for the top 4 and improving as a squad we have had upheval, poor performances and a well deserved spot in the bottom half.
    BUT.. on the other hand... we have won a trophy and qualified for Europe for the third season in a row (our new bread and butter perhaps?). Most fans outside the top 4 would bite your hand off if offered that in August. This season has definitely been more of a blip than a plummet. I expect to be challenging for 5th/6th at least next season and perhaps another final too. We waited a long time to get our reward of Europe and a cup and I dont see it as a flash in the pan....I personally couldnt contemplate reverting to being happy with mid table and the odd win against the big boys so... I am going to commit that sin that makes us yids so loveable and state that I expect us to push on and take our rightful place amongst the elite......huzzah!!