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  • In fairness (and I hate being fair to the Spam, I blame the likes of Ironistic for being reasonable and having good banter, that's what's brought this on), in isolation West Ham have had a good season: they've massively improved on last season, and would you expect them to go from that to winning the league? No, then it'd be shouts of buying the title or a fluke year etc etc. You need to work up and this is a good start for you (I'm sorry, I still hate your team and hope it goes worse next year - at least I'm being honest!).

    In contrast, in isolation we've not had a good season - not necessarily bad, winning the cup was massive (my housemate said he'd never seen me so happy, and that was 7 hours later!), but there's been a lot of disappointment too, with our performances and our league position.

    The difficulty is comparing the two; we might have more 'football points' for the cup, but WHam exceeded their expectations more - you can't say who's better in that context.