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  • 11th place not so bad is it?.....................................

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    • I think the Hammers are quite happy with a top 10 finish, it's just the style & manner they achieved it... for which many blame Curbs.

      As for Spurs anything less than 5th was always going to be disappointing, but at least we're in Europe again. Considering the majority of players didn't put in a great deal of effort for two-thirds of the season, I think we could have ended up far lower down than 11th. I have to agree with Essex though, anywhere between 7th & 17th means you've had a 'nothing' year in the league.

    • Good points 'blonde'
      I personally reckon that many hammers expected a little more this year than what they ended up with. OK they werent going to challenge the top 4 but a tilt at Europe was on the cards. Lets face it (and as much as we enjoyed it) their relegation scrap was a bit of a fluke seeing as they had the players to be well clear of that.
      I think what Im trying to say is I dispute the point about them exceeding expectations. They are slightly better than 10th IMHO. But I also agree we did far worse than expected given our previous 2 seasons and squad.

    • next season.......would it just be nice to see someone else in contention for the title.......

      all this chelsea v man utd banter really gets me down.

      Chelsea, an average team in the top league that got lucky with a massive cash injection.

      Man utd, a team with a touch more lineage but who are more of a business than a football team.

      Both these teams pluck any talent from any underlings, stifling any oppostion.
      This situation is going to get worse if the foreign player rule is adopted, so how do the likes of west ham or spurs keep hold of the starlets?

    • In fairness (and I hate being fair to the Spam, I blame the likes of Ironistic for being reasonable and having good banter, that's what's brought this on), in isolation West Ham have had a good season: they've massively improved on last season, and would you expect them to go from that to winning the league? No, then it'd be shouts of buying the title or a fluke year etc etc. You need to work up and this is a good start for you (I'm sorry, I still hate your team and hope it goes worse next year - at least I'm being honest!).

      In contrast, in isolation we've not had a good season - not necessarily bad, winning the cup was massive (my housemate said he'd never seen me so happy, and that was 7 hours later!), but there's been a lot of disappointment too, with our performances and our league position.

      The difficulty is comparing the two; we might have more 'football points' for the cup, but WHam exceeded their expectations more - you can't say who's better in that context.

    • Yep Essex, I have to concede that it would be nice to win something.................................................

      Talking at ground level, I feel a touch disenchanted with the EPL at the moment, its a them and us situation that seems never ending.
      I dont want Ashton to go anywhere but i can see the claws on his shoulder pulling him north west.
      Berbatov is only off because of his agents babble so you must feel as gutted.

      Sometimes i would prefer to be that old division two team that went to wembley and beat arsenal with a Sir Trev header...........nostalgia is a comfortable bedmate......................................

    • Iron...I appreciate your injury list this season (god knows we have suffered from this in the past) but I will disagree about your statement that neither of us have anything to shout about this season mate. I remember jumping up and down and shouting rather loudly when Woody nodded that goal in! And again when Ledley and Keano held aloft that trophy.
      Ok I concede that we did not live up to our pre season hype (a regular occurence for us yids) but I belive the essence, the whole point, the raison d'etre of being the fan of a club is to experience that feeling when your team, actually wins something......we did it this season. As for league position....I couldnt care less whether we finish 7th or 4th bottom (ok that might be slighty annoying) but you see my point? League position means nowt really..........fair play to the hammers for finishing above us (Ive stated that on your board too) but it seems small reward for such a poor (unfortunate) season.

    • it is all about football, you a right............................

      i dont think either team has anything to shout about this season............i know you got a cup but we got an injury list longer than my grandmas old bloomers.

      lets see what next season brings and with a bit of luck maybe a spanking for chelski will make us all smile.

      BTW...my cup run this season.....ebbsfleet v torquay........come on you fleet

    • What is the point of playing football if you dont win something? As fans we only have modest needs dont we? Give us a reason to celebrate and we are happy no?
      This year we stuffed the goons 5-1 in a semi final, we reached the final and won it by beating the Chavs....we even tonked the spams 4-0 just for fun.
      Now where are the wet spam highlights this season? They beat Manure once....well done. They even finished one (yes thats one) place above us....again well done. But how does that compare to winning a cup? All this pony about league placings is surely peanuts compared to the real reason why we support our teams.....winning cups at Wembley et al? I bet they all would swap 10th place to see a claret n blue shirt lift that sparkling trophy at Wembley in front of 40,000 spams! Course you would.................and that goes for anyone else who got FA this season!

    • It's swings and roundabouts really, as long as you know that my dad's bigger than your dad we'll all be fine.

      Actually, I think WHam might edge that one, I'd much rather have a fight with Ramos than Curbishley... Although, I reckon Ramos has connections so if it was an ongoing thing Spurs'd have it...

      In summary, West Ham may win the fight, but Spurs would win the war. At least everyone's a winner.

    • Lets be honest,other than the Carling cup win this season has been pretty poor. have we improved under Ramos I dont think so.We had two and a half good seasons under Martin Jol and we were all expecting 5th at worst this season. So where did it all go wrong maybe Carmoli needs to look at himself . I would have been a lot more happy with no cup and a 5th place having beaten Arsenal twice in the league.

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      • We had a terrible start to this season under MJ, so we were always going to struggle to get a top 6 finish this season. I also doubt if we'd have won the Carling Cup under Jol. Ramos has come in mid season, gotten the players at his disposal really fit, and won us our first bit of silverware in a long time.
        I think we need to give the guy a chance to prove what he can do. He's got the summer now to put together a squad of players that he's happy with, (already having signed a player as good as Modric is hopefully a sign of things to come), and a whole pre-season to get them working as a fit, strong unit.

      • Yes, bring back MJ - or we're going nowhere fast next season.... only going backwards under Ramos

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