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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really May 13, 2008 18:39 Flag

    Where we a little hasty?

    I almost don't want to reply to this, because I've made my views clear over and over again, but I don't think we were a little too hasty, I think we were massively so.

    The main thing that United and Arsenal have had in their favour this year is stability - look at how badly Chelsea and Liverpool were playing when they had their instability, and even Man City on Sunday. It causes problems in the team, and it turned a bad start to our season into a real issue. I think Jol had it in him to get us that extra mile, but I'm not convinced by Ramos, or at least him doing it with a team that I want to watch.

    • and stability is what we'll have next season under ramos.

      don't suppose ramos is too happy with the way the players showed their commitment either, hence the expected changes.

      under mj i don't think we'd have won a cup, and definitely wouldn't have qualified for europe.