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  • thegamesgonecrazy.com thegamesgonecrazy.com May 13, 2008 17:36 Flag

    Where we a little hasty?

    in letting MJ go? we most certainly didn't improve under JR.

    I am really concerned for next season, what are we going to be like once Berbs is gone?

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    • I almost don't want to reply to this, because I've made my views clear over and over again, but I don't think we were a little too hasty, I think we were massively so.

      The main thing that United and Arsenal have had in their favour this year is stability - look at how badly Chelsea and Liverpool were playing when they had their instability, and even Man City on Sunday. It causes problems in the team, and it turned a bad start to our season into a real issue. I think Jol had it in him to get us that extra mile, but I'm not convinced by Ramos, or at least him doing it with a team that I want to watch.