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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 3, 2008 17:31 Flag

    Fantasy Fan - Euro 2008

    Ladies and Gents, girls and boys, Spurs fans and Others: May I present to you, THE EURO 2008 GAME!

    Players are: me, Saarfend, Tilton, Berlin, Kipper, Woody, Andy B, and Iron, and everybody has promised to play nicely ;)

    I’ve made the two lists from bookies odds (as found from a google search at http:// soccerlens.com/the-odds-on-euro-2008/4208/), as I thought that was fairer than group standings because of the relative group difficulty levels. Everybody must now give me one number between 1 and 8, and one letter A-H. I’ll take the remaining two teams.

    N.B these lists are in odds order, and have been numbered/lettered at random.

    Number list:

    Germany (11-2)
    Netherlands (6-1)
    Italy (7-1)
    Spain (7-1)
    France (12-1)
    Portugal (12-1)
    Czech Republic (20-1)
    Switzerland (25-1)

    Letter list:

    Sweden (25-1) (note: as Switzerland and Sweden had the same odds I checked William Hill to see which had better odds. As Switzerland did they went in the higher tier)
    Romania (28-1)
    Croatia (33-1)
    Greece (50-1)
    Poland (50-1)
    Austria (66-1)
    Russia (150-1)
    Turkey (500-1)

    I’m looking forward to the tournament again now, good times!