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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 3, 2008 20:32 Flag

    Giovanni Dos Santos

    I don't know what to think about our midfield. As I'm always bleating on about, I never used to rate Jenas, but then I noticed that even if I had no idea what he was doing, we consistently played better when he was on the pitch. I suppose there's a whole lot of off-the-ball work, although I thought he was a lot more consistent on the ball last season too.

    Would you play Bale at left-back? I can see him being an effective winger, but I guess that's not where we need him, although he's not going to be getting LB over Hutton. I really rated Malbranque last season, and I'd never liked him before, he was solid for us. O'Hara's been all over midfield for a lot of this season but I think he joined us as a left sided player (correct me if I'm wrong there). I can't wait for him to develop, he could go any way at the moment (he could be another Lennon; promise but no delivery). For years the left's been the problem area but we might finally have almost too much there!

    I thought Zokora was a star 06-07, less so last year, but it would really anger me to see Tanio on the bench before him. Admittedly Tanio's more versatile and defensive, but he's just not that good (more a Fulham level player).

    And don't forget we've stil got Ghaly ;)