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  • Just been reading that we have offered him an improved contract (circa 70,000 a week). I doubt that will sway him but seeing as noone has yet come in with a firm bid (we are asking 25 mil) I reckon this will drag on all summer. It would be nice to keep him for another year but not the sulky, whinger he was last season...Im talking the flamboyant goal machine from the year before. Its just annoying that until he goes/makes his mind up JR may not be able to bring in a new striker a la Villa, Milito etc.

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    • What are the odds that other clubs watching him during the latter part of last season have figured that the guy is too lazy to warrant the asking fee? Too tempremental and moody. If I was a manager I'd want to go with someone that I knew I could count on for the season, even when things get tought - not just when everything is going well - especially for the amount of cash that is being asked. So we could get stuck with him, which would hamstring what we are able to do as far as bringing in new strikers. Maybe we could trade him to United for Tevez .....

    • I can't wait till Berbs leaves. He might be the most lazy foward I've seen in quite some time. He has a touch for scoring I'll give him that.... but then again so did Defoe.... Anyone can get the goals, they just have to be on the pitch.