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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jun 12, 2008 21:12 Flag

    All quiet on the Berba Front??

    Maybe Berb's actions were a ploy...he never wanted to leave The Lane in the first place...right???? (tongue firmly in cheek)

    It's that greedy-f*ck agent of his looking for his 15% fee (they get paid per transaction, right? So it behooves them to keep their charges moving...contract or not!).

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    • I think you're right, I reckon it was just his way to keep his agent happy and stay at the Lane!

      If - IF - he does stay I'm gonna be 100% behind him next season, I think he's come in for more stick than he's deserved this season (not that he hasn't deserved a fair amount of it) and I hope he he's not greeted with cynicism in future.

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      • If he stays I'll be 100% behind him too. Let's face it, despite his mood swings the guys still a class act.

        I reckon a lot of his problem last season was (just like many of us fans) knowing by the end of September that things just weren't going to happen for us. Hopefully the arrival of Modric and dos Santos will just be the start and next season we can start to show some real promise. If that's the case I'm confident that for the most part he'll keep his spats to a minimum.

        If nothing else he should hopefully get better service with those 2 in the team which from watching him is half the problem in the first place.