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  • Jonny D Jonny D Jun 11, 2008 19:33 Flag

    All quiet on the Berba Front??

    After the endless speculation on bebatov's future during the season there does not seem to be much chat about him going anywhere at the mom. AC Milan are after Drogba. Inter are looking at Eto. Man U have been quiet and if they lose Ronaldo getting an new striker won't be their top priority.

    Is there a chance we will still see the Bulgarian at the Lane next year??

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    • you could be right essex me old son, would make sense if we're splashing the cash as well, it's something i've been thinking but now you've said it.............;-)

    • Is it possible that a deal to sell Berba has already been done and its gone quiet because those interested parties already know it?
      Im not sure of the relevance (if any) not to go public but it does seem a bit strange that one of the hottest properties around a few months back has slipped into the background. My guess is its done n dusted and the announcement will be soon! Im dreading it being another PL club but im bracing myself.

    • one of our more reliable and upstandingly informative tabloids ;-)

    • Daily Star - 19th June 2008

      "Tottenham are bracing themselves for a mega-offer from Barcelona for Dimitar Berbatov and former Barca legend Hristo Stoichkov will be used to try and persuade him to move. Is it time for Berbatov to move"?

    • I agree.

      There are a very few clubs that could stump up the kind of cash we think Berbi is worth, but £35mil is a hell of a lot of "moo-lar".

      I mean if we get that kind of money for Berbatov, who do we invest it in.

      Personally, I would like to see half the money go on a decent central defender ( cover for King ) & the other half go on a decent striker.. David Villa

    • News of the World - Sunday 15th June 2008

      "TOTTENHAM fear they will lose Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester United — but only if Ronaldo is prised away from Old Trafford.

      Sir Alex Ferguson is reported to be on the verge of making a repeat £25million bid for the Bulgarian striker — but Spurs are confident they can repel that.

      The situation may change, though, if Ronaldo goes to Real Madrid and United are left with £75m.

      They will face pressure to replace him with world-class players who have Premier League experience. Berbatov, 27, fits the bill with 46 goals in 91 starts for Spurs.

      An offer of £30m or more will be difficult for Spurs to turn down.

      Berbatov believes the signings of Luka Modric and Giovani Dos Santos support Ramos’ claim Spurs can challenge for a top-four place"

      Interesting eh?

    • The rumours have started with Man Utd again although we turned down £25,000,000 last season and its widely known if an Englash club want him its £35,000,000, £25,000,000 for a foreign club. With it still quiet on the European front i think he will stay but with the promise that if there is no hope of finishing in the top 4 we will sell him in January.

    • Maybe Berb's actions were a ploy...he never wanted to leave The Lane in the first place...right???? (tongue firmly in cheek)

      It's that greedy-f*ck agent of his looking for his 15% fee (they get paid per transaction, right? So it behooves them to keep their charges moving...contract or not!).

    • probably get one more season out of him, his lazy attitude last season has done him no favours as he seems to think everyone wants him with no firm offers on the table he may realise he has to start doing the business.

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      • I did read that AC offered 'about' 20 million but we are holding out for more.
        The interesting thing about that is they are only in the uefa cup like us next season and not the CL. So what happened to Berbs desire to play in that comp? Would he actually have signed for them?
        Granted they are more likely to get CL football sooner than us in the future but didnt Berbs say he was 27/8 and needed to fulfil his potential (or words to that effect) Not sure a move to AC this season would have been a step up!