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  • ANDREW ANDREW Jun 15, 2008 04:07 Flag

    Can We Break Into The Top Four???

    Can we finally break into the ilusive top 4 next season??? I think we can if and its a big if when the transfer merry go round stops and we have all our new players in and dead wood out, if they all gel very quickly and adjust to the pace of English football then anything is possible. We proved we can hang with the "big boys" beating Chelsea in the Carling Cup, thrashing Arsenal in the same competition, Unlucky against Man Utd more than once, Unlucky at Anfield as well. If we can beat the teams we should expect to get results then Top 4 is well within our grasp and who knows maybe even higher!!!
    My predictions are :-
    Premiership - 3rd
    Uefa Cup - Semi Finals
    Fa Cup - Winners
    Carling Cup - Quarter Finals
    Let me know what you think.

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    • Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ha ha ho!!

      When are you guys gunner learn????

      Last year: We'll definately be in th top 4 above the Arse,

      the reality, a carling cup and mid table mediocrity once again.....

      you just can't help yourselves!!!

    • Takes a lot of factors to get to the top...luck and no injuries feature highly among them.

      We'll have a bunch of new players, some of whom haven't played in the Prem, and haven't lived in England, so how quick our two most recent signings settle will go along way to letting us hope for a high placed finish this coming season.

      Our defense needs more...a goalkeeper...another centre-back (I don't hold out much hope for Ledders lasting the whole season...nor Woody for that matter.

      The middle of the pack has gotten better, though it'll be interesting to see what manager changes do for the likes of Blackburn and Man City. Everton are going to push on, so we can't forget about them while we wait for the likes ofthe Manures or Chavs.
      I see no silverware this year, but a much improved league position (back to our "customary" 5th maybe)

      We need a deeper squad to make 4th...unless we get an amazing run of good fortune

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      • What about the old adage that "the more I practice, the luckier I get?" I think there's a lot of truth in that - I think the corollary in football is "the more we play with a consistent manager, team, structure and method the luckier we will get."
        Your statement about the "middle of the pack getting better" is on the money - and although I hate giving them any credit, we can thank the likes of the top four for raising the bar as far as standard and quality - even if money had a big role to play in that! The quality of play today is simply getting higher every season - that's why the EPL is the best league in the world.
        And totally agree about defensive needs - that will go a long way to increasing our good fortune....

    • Shouldn't you be concentrating on breaking into the top ten first? You're a million miles away from competing at the top of the Premiership and you know it son.

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      • Ah!! Mr I support a club with no history!!

        How the devil are you?

        Chelski came within a fraction of going out of business, no (proper) support, dwindling finance's and debt right up to the eye-balls.

        One russian crook later, and you're up in the top four.

        I know it's an old cliche` but crime (or the proceed's of crime) really does pay.

        At least spurs supporters follow the club through thick and thin, and are not glory hunters like 99% of all chelski or ar5ena1 fan's.

    • well theres nothing like ambition eh. We're on for the QUAD. Im telling ya here and now. Its us and Man Utd neck and neck for the title and the other three we'll breeze it.

      Im off to thebookies put 15p on the quad. mark my words.

    • I think 6th or 7th for Spurs saarfend.

      Anywhere between 7th and relegation for the 'Appy 'Ammers.

      But a league cup win.

    • A lot depends on future signings, but with the current squad I think the best we could hope for is 4th. I have a feeling Ramos will work his magic again in the UEFA cup and we could do well in one of the domestic cups.... on a good day we can beat most teams.

    • A lot depends on future signings, but with the current squad I think the best we could hope for is 4th. I have a feeling Ramos will work his magic again in the UEFA cup and we could do well in one of the domestic cups.... on a good day we can beat most teams.

    • Can't see your breaking the top 4 my Lillywhite cousins, I can however see a good run (possibly a win) in the EUFA cup.

      Here's hoping, I'll be cheering for you in Europe.

    • I'm just not confident about next season at the moment... I'm hoping the first couple of games will be exciting with minimal throwing away of points, as soon as we start playing well or have players showing flashes of brilliances (even if the flashes are as frequent as Lennon completing a cross) I'll start to get excited again and think we can win the league.

      And that said, I think it says a lot about us as a team if me saying we'll be reaching quarter- and semi-finals means I'm being pessimistic!

      I also think people are maybe forgetting about teams like Everton, Villa, Man City and - in particular - Portsmouth, they're teams to be reckoned with who will be massively improving over the summer. I think top 4's unrealistic for this season, but 5-7th should be expected/hoped for.

      I'll be honest Iron, I reckon your lot might have a bit of a crazy season - I can see you racing from one end of the table to the other and back again. I don't know where I'm seeing you end up though.

    • come on not blonde...be a touch more optimistic i reckon a top 6 finish but a season of consolidation.....west ham have wigan at home should be a good test for us....prediction 2-1 to the hammers with a finish around the same as you somewhere......oooooohhh cant wait.....i could rip a tissue

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