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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 2, 2008 17:25 Flag

    We cannot loose Keane!

    There's no chance of Berbs staying if Keane goes - he seems to be the only player he actually likes working with.

    And unlike the rest of you, I don't think it's fair enough if Keane goes, you can't be swearing your passion and love for a club one minute and f*cking off the next. I know it's more and more of a business every day for the players, but I still hold honesty in high regard and think that if you're not 100% in you shouldn't lie about it to the fans. I don't tell the people I work with and for that I love my job and will never leave, but I do say that I'm happy to be here - there's a difference.

    I understand why he might want to but if he leaves now with no recent indication of it I will not respect him and think he deserves a bad reception next time he's at the Lane. That all said, I can't actually imagine him leaving... As someone pointed out, he gets angriest when he's playing badly, which to me shows his passion and desire to achieve with the club.

    And I think Crouch is pretty underrated, at Christmas I'd have said him and Defoe were the most underrated players in England. If Harry pulls them off as a strikeforce he'll be a lucky man.