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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 2, 2008 21:39 Flag

    We cannot loose Keane!

    By the same note, is it acceptable for sportsmen and women to take drugs as long as they don't get caught? After all, we've all seen it happening for years, it's not nice but it's part of the genre?

    Just because it happens doesn't mean you should wish someone well for doing it, and my point is that there are players (for example, like Berbatov and Defoe) who I think have given their all for the club but known it's not for them for whatever reason. We've all known it and so can wish them well for their service and all the best in the future. If - IF - Keane decides he wants to go this summer it seems to be done in a really underhanded way, that's what I'm not happy about.