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    we seem to failed with several bids for new players in our squad, who do u think we should sign?? we need 1 central defender to cover for error prone dawson and king, and 1 winger on the left (not right) we prob will get bentely anyway! with our quality in midfield and new goalkeeper, i reckon we will improve a lot and hopefully sneak in the top 4 by takin arsenal place!!!


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    • Agreed not_blonde, Pekhart should be given a chance to shine..... he's only 19, but plays regularly for the Czech under-21's & has done well for the reserves.

      Danny Rose is another one to look out for (was on the bench v Sunderland at home).

    • mmmmm...Ghaly as manager....its interesting...i,ll get back to you on that

    • It's to early to predict what our line-up is going to look like because JR will def buy&sell couple of players. We have only two defensive minded midds, Hudds and Zokora. I believe we will keep both unless he buys someone, i recommend Niko Kovac or Senna but they are too old. I think he will keep Hudds and Zokora. In the mid JR is looking for outside midfielders but I am fine with Lennon, even though hes been disappointing last season but hes still young and will develop into a good player. We need a left winger, I am hoping for Diego Capel.

    • I read all the responses (you boys have been busy, while I take the slaps for the Brits here in the land of Yank-dom...on THEIR Independence Day...tough job, but someones got to do it!)

      Anyway...new players look good on paper, but I have to admit I haven't seen enough of them to have a proper opinion. I could give a gut feeling like many of you have, but that's not really worth much.

      I will say this, if we hadn't snagged Modric prior to the Euro, he'd be snubbing us now along with half of footballing Europe (joke lads, just a joke).

      I'm always good for a conspiracy theory though...the top 4 are dead scared of us, so they're trying to un-settle us from now. Trying to get the fans all in a lather and feeling bad about their team (its inability to snag class players) and ourselves (for supporting that kind of team).

      What a lot of these greedy agents (the root of all this evil) will find out, and soon enough, is, there's only a few teams that can pay good money, and even fewer of them that are in the CL (the two excuses always bandied about when someone other than Chavski Manure, Scum or Scouse come-a-knocking), they''l be stuck holding the jockstraps of their charges who were Euro flash-in-the-pans, that they couldn't move on to further glory. I hope we tell them where to go sling it if they come back at us just before the deadline on August 31st trying to make last minute deals...and if we don't tell them to sling it, then I hope we get whoever at bargain basement prices!

      We look like we'll have a different mid-field problem this year versus last year, different in that we'll have a balanced surplus (left and right sided players).

      As for the surplus or deadwood players..I wouldn't chuck Assou-Ekotto on that list too quickly...he only lost his place through injury...if that knee injury is really bad, then yes...he goes (same thing for little Aaron Lennon...he's had two knee surgeries...they don't seem to have affected him physically...he can still burn down that right touchline, and turn defenders inside out, but his willingness to do those things seems to have dwindled down to nothing.

      I think its still early days yet to start picking line-ups, I think we're going to see the back of a number of players, really soon, just not sure who (though you can probably put players like Gardner in a listing of them...Chimbonda? you lot seem to feel Zokora...personally without a Senna type replacement, I think we would have made a mistake (I can see why there's been little rumbling about him [Senna] since the Euro...he's 31 and talking of retiring and returning to Brazil [wonder what the Spaniards think of that!]...not the type of player you buy for the future....but a good player for now! Ghaly...Tainio (what you guys see in this plod I have no idea...he's just too pedestrian for my tastes.

      Someone asked for a ball-winning cruncher in the middle of the park...didn't we have a player like that...a certain dutch fella that wore glasses on the field of play (you can't say the Bulldog wasn't tenacious)...we Do need someone like that, but unlike Davids, our new player needs to be able to distribute the ball with a bit more sense.

      OK, ramble on here..probably exceeded the word limit)

    • im saddened at the way robbo has been slagged off and cast aside, at one time he was the best english kepper and our favourite he could do no wrong. i know and have seen the mistakes and yes it cost us games and points but he still can turn it around, im not tottally keen on this gomes fella. same for taino hes been loyal and steady for us in all kinds of postions .

      i think a quality centre back and left wing and we are sorted. keep berba and flog bent if a good bid comes in . i just hope we dont jump on the russian bandwagon. i think they will not suit the P.L we all saw rebrov. ( yes i know hes ukranian, its close though)

    • north carolina spurs fan

      ref new players

      modric looks a great buy - i am on the fence regarding the new keeper - i take it ramos has the english players learning spanish so they can communicate at the back .

      we need to sell all the dead wood , it is plain to see that as normal we paid too much money for average players ( to sell robinson- gardner -stalteri -taino-ghaly -ekotto-) to name a few .

      we still need a hard crunching midfield player to tighten up the middle of the park and we will see a much improved side if they can keep clean sheets.?

    • not_blonde told you Irons, the only thing you're getting from Spurs is Ghaly.... we'll even pay the delivery costs : )

    • Nice try Ironistic!!

      Curbs done well for your lot a few season's back - think you should give him a chance!!!!

    • did you mention manager.....want ours we are willing to do a straight swap?

    • Hi all, lots to think about this pre-season. I for one have no idea what our midfield will be. totally agree it seems were flooded with talent even on the left!

      I suppose it all comes down to how they gel during pre=season friendlies and i think we may see a 4 5 1 formation tested. Seville played this formation at times under JR. Plus that might explain the attacking midfielders we have collected.

      it will be interesting! I rate Jenas on his day but like hudds and o'hara. i think we may see some squad rotation this year depending on who we play.

      plus will be good to see the lads after Jr has them in shape after a prpoer pre season. especially after the changes he made during the season when he arrived

      bale hudds modric bentley?

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