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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 4, 2008 20:45 Flag


    I know some of you guys don't rate him, but I think our midfield will suffering from a serious lack of leadership without Jenas. As I've said before (probably several times), sometimes I couldn't tell you exactly what it is he does in a game, but I know we play better when he's involved.

    You realise Saarf that your line up gives us only one player we've had pre-summer? There'll be no connection in a midfield (almost) wholly consisting of newbies, you'll at least have to wean out the likes of Zokora (I reckon he'll be off in January, and I think he should be his contribution to the club over the last few years should be acknolwedged by fans), Lennon and Jenas.

    I'd like to see O'Hara breaking into a regular first teamer too, although I suppose that'll take time. I just love the fact that he's fearless (he took one of our first 5 UEFA pens! A season earlier he'd been on loan to Millwall!), I don't want that to die down.