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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 7, 2008 22:04 Flag

    Supporters the only ones truely loyal

    well,i have supported spurs since 1948...as you guess they have brought me tears and cheers in that time ....but you give your heart and that means bad times and good times....but as the man said 'you stick thro'
    thick and thin....otherwise you are a very fairweather fan.....worthy of contempt....it hurts when the bad times come....but you stay in there hoping good times are coming
    ....let us hope this coming season will bring the sunshine back again...
    spurs till i die.....

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    • My sentiments exactly Derek!!

      I was brought up in a household of West Ham supporters - my brother, sister, mum & dad & uncle's were indoctrinated into supporting West Ham United!!

      I preferred much to my family's consternation, the silky skill's of Glenn Hoddle to anything that West Ham had to offer!!

      As you could imagine, this has caused a number of rift's within the family unit - but I have been true to the Spurs cause for 35+ years and my support will never, ever change - THFC 4ever!!

      COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!

    • hiya guys, this is my 1st post, my names kev, im 44 and been a yid over 30 years. though watch most of the games down the boozer as work too erattic for a season tkt, just like to say, this site speaks a lot of sense and a good giggle! i live a stones throw from the Os and have got a big softspot for them! is that crime on here? fingers x we will make the big leap and mixit with the big boys!!! i believe ramos is the man!

    • I'm with you Derek - I went to my first game in 1960 at the age of 8, and have been a Spurs fan and supporter ever since. I do not even grasp the concept of changing and supporting another team. Like you, I was blessed with the experience of watching and supporting the lillywhites during the '60's, and experienced the other end of the stick in latter years. But Spus will be the only club I support for the rest of my life. I have a good feeling about this season ....