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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 8, 2008 01:32 Flag

    Supporters the only ones truely loyal

    I read the head post...then read all the other posts, then had to come back to the first one, as I think things veered a bit off track (interesting as some posts were...Berlin, you're a true nutter mate...no red in the house! Did you, like me become a little enraged (actually I was flaming mad) when our shirt sponser put a big fat RED "M" in the middle of 'The Shirt'?)

    Anyway back to the topic...I agree with Dave N wholeheartedly, I think most here do too (if you read his summation, he basically said, be loyal to the team, end of).

    As for having a soft soft ofr other teams...not a problem in my book...we all have history and our history takes us through various places and phases in our lives (well, some of us). My South London phase and the friends I had there gave me an appreciation for 70's Wet Spam...and the Addicks (first ground I ever bunked in was The Valley)...but the soft spot didn't go much further than checking their scores.

    Back in the bad old days (The Troubles), I could well be found down the Boelyn Ground if Spurs were away to Stoke or Coventry in late January (hey! I was a kid with limited resources!..Yeah, excuse, I know...but I do come "home" a few times a season to catch the boys (whoever they may be) even though that's a trip of a few thousand miles (with a major ocean in between here and there.

    Been Spurs since the '67 CupFinal (might have been glory seeker at the time...but I picked before the game as my older cousins were Chavski supporters, and had a lot of mouth (its only natural, even at 10 years old to go against people like that). Some Chavs are probably laughing now due to their recent "bought" exploits...but we done 'em 2-1 at Wembley again (History does repeat and watchout...lightnng can strike twice in the same place, even if that place was torn down and rebuilt!).

    41 years and going strong...unlike some of our more senior members I wasn't old enough to have lived the real glory (I was alive however), but I'm sure we're all going to drink from that cup again...soon


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