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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jul 12, 2008 23:15 Flag

    So now it starts in earnest

    After all the end-of-season hype now Manure finally come in with a bid for Berbatov.

    Is anyone else struck by the hypocrisy of it? Ferguson complains about Real Madrid making a play for the diving winker saying he still has his contract to see out, but thinks nothing of doing the same to us re Berba, whom I believe has 3 years left on his contract. OK, selling them Carrick for £18m (a bad decision in my view but there you go) allowed us to buy Berba in the first place, but if he hadn't come up with the goods and scored goals for us then nobody would be looking at him and we'd probably be desperate to offload him (think Bent?). If I remember rightly Manure had the chance to buy Berba a couple of years back but turned it down.

    Are we merely a feeder club for the big 4?, especially if the rumours about Robbie going to Liverpool are true (please not!). Do we want to challenge for a CL place or accept mid-table mediocrity for the foreseeable future? Will Berba will get week-in/week-out football at Manure like he does at WHL unless Rooney gets injured? Granted he might get CL exposure in the early rounds (unless by some stroke of good fortune Manure get knocked out!) but when it comes to the big games Ferguson will surely rely on his tried and tested team and he'd be on the bench.

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    • This is the typical kind of game that the Manc's like to play, to go round poaching other team's players - then when it happen's to them, what do they do? they complain to the game's governing body a-la-Ronaldo & Real Madrid!!!!

      Ferguson & Benitez should be reported to the FA for unsettling our players for making illegal approaches irrespective of whether Berbatov & Keane want to leave WHL.. but of course the FA will do sweet FA about it (wouldn't want to upset the top four apple-cart now would they)?

      It now seems abundantly clear that the Manure, Scousers, Chelski or Ar5ena1 can get away with anything and the FA will turn a blind eye to their back-door shenanigan's.

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      • I see a dead league in a few years if that's how it's going to be (mid-table mediocrity for the masses, who blood and sell their best talent to the "big boys" (who ini=cidentally don't have to take any chances whattsoever). Man U baulked at Berbs first time around because they've got little forward vision of their own. They didn't want to chance getting a flop (Hey! anyone remember the early rumours when Tevez and Macharano came to West Ham..."How can it be...and for that money...must be something to do with Chavski and their billionair boss...well it wasn't, but we didn't have to look very far (in terms of league table position) to find out where they were to end up.

        There's some stinky-fishy smelly goings on in the under-belly of league football (top leagues especially).

        Tapping up? - Legal! We're seeing it all oer the place.

        And what's all these raids on different clubs's offices; and arrests of managers, and inquests...wtf is going on?