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  • John S John S Jul 13, 2008 22:42 Flag

    How Good is Berbatov?

    Honest opinions from Spurs fans, please. I am a United fan, and I have my reservations about him, but was just wondering if some of you who watch him every week think he is on a par with, say, Torres, etc.

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    • Berbatov loved being the 'big fish' and having the fans adoring him. Whilst he should have no problems getting the fans on his side at MU he may stryggle with being just a cog in the wheel. There is only one big personality at OT and we all know how he operates.
      If he is mature enough he should fit in well and become another red legend. If he fannies about and throws his toys out the pram he will end up at Barca or Madrid with his tail between his legs and his reputation in bits.
      Either way I wont give a f*ck as he will no longer be a Spur. Im already looking forwardsto our next strike force...whoever it is!

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      • It begs the question of why he signed a new 4-year contract last year if he wanted to leave? I thought he'd signed a 3-year one in 2006 so would only have 1 to go this year, virtually forcing us to sell him or face him leaving on a Bosman if he refused to negotiate another.

        Seems to me that contracts aren't worth the paper they're printed on if players can hold clubs to ransom if they decide they've had enough - and yes, I know it works both ways if a club decide they've had enough. No security on either side except the player gets guaranteed big bucks regardless of whether he plays or not.

        Maybe we should offer him out in Europe for £20m - better that than going to Manure. Could we get a "gentleman's agreement" (like SAF had with Moyes over Tim Howard) to stop him playing against us I wonder? Don't think I could stand to see his face if he scored against us.

      • behind you on that essex ;-)

    • Technically and physically he's great - and I think on a par with Torres. Mentally I think he reads the game well. Emotionally and psychologically he's stuck as a petulant teenager - get's upset if he doesn't get the ball where and when he wants it, is moody and sulky, and has the tendency to drift in and out of games - there's something missing in his heart and soul when it comes to football. I think he's a wonderful player - and if someone could straighten out his head he could be a great player ... given his age, I don't think it's going to happen. All that said, I'd hate to see him leave WHL, because he does have moments of sheer, sublime, brilliance!

    • The mood swings aside, he is a very good player!!!

      In my honest opinion, I think £24mil is too much for someone who is not alway's used to getting his way.

      But hey!!.... if United want to pay it, I won't complain!