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  • Old Fan Old Fan Jul 13, 2008 23:56 Flag

    How Good is Berbatov?

    Technically and physically he's great - and I think on a par with Torres. Mentally I think he reads the game well. Emotionally and psychologically he's stuck as a petulant teenager - get's upset if he doesn't get the ball where and when he wants it, is moody and sulky, and has the tendency to drift in and out of games - there's something missing in his heart and soul when it comes to football. I think he's a wonderful player - and if someone could straighten out his head he could be a great player ... given his age, I don't think it's going to happen. All that said, I'd hate to see him leave WHL, because he does have moments of sheer, sublime, brilliance!

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    • Thanks for that - maybe Ferguson sees the possibilities of him linking up with somebody as unselfish as Rooney who will definitely play the ball where he wants it.

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      • I think his famous sulkiness is more frustration, which does include for his service. He's said that it's usually because he's angry at himself for not playing as well as he can, but I reckon it's because he's got such a good partnership with Keane and it frustrates him if he thinks he can't play well due to limitations of the rest of the team. I think it's fair to say (opinions anyone?) he's someone who always seems happy and to be enjoying it when the team plays entertaining football - he's not one who'll be satisfied with labouring to a boring 1-0.

        I don't think this would be such an issue if he was with you: we (Spurs fans) hero worshipped him from pretty much the day he signed, and I think that's gone to his head a little and has made him believe that he's bigger than the team. With you guys he'll believe he has to prove himself, so I don't think you'll get those moods. Also, I think he'll probably have a similar relationship with SAF to the one he had in 06/07 with Jol, which will probably curb those tendencies.

        I do think that if you sign him, his behaviour may be affected by what Ronaldo gets away with this close season, and Fergie's reaction to that. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile, you know how it is!

        I'm kinda expecting some other board regulars to disagree with me on these points - opinions anyone?