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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 15, 2008 00:06 Flag

    Putting Together A Big Squad

    How do we put together and keep together, a larg enough and an effective squad...were we can challenge for honours year in and year out. We've attracted fantastic players to the Lane in the past only to watch them move on (looks like its happening again). What do we need to do to hold on to our best talent.

    I'm pretty much resigned to losing Berbatov...and Keane, well, not resigned to losing him yet, but you never know...if either of them go, I kissing any hope of a top 4 finish goodbye (sorry, I'm pessimistic by nature - I do expect a top 10 finish and I do expect us to smash the gooners...but I'd trade a split with them or even a pasting from them for a top 4 finish).

    The new guys we've brought in look like good players (on paper), but areuntested in a league that eats players up and spits them out (although its funny that, as the league becomes even more dominated with players from overseas, the style of play the Premiership is known for doesn't seem to be changing).

    Your thoughts?

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