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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 15, 2008 01:41 Flag

    Hell no, Keane won't go!

    This is the first time I've seen anything like this on this story; Gus says:


    While it's not a formal 'no-sale' ruling, it shows how the management are thinking, which is encouraging.

    (Apologies if someone else has already posted a link like that, I've just realised it's actually everywhere.

    Talking of Gus, what do you think of this: http://www.tribalfootball.com/article.php?id=102350

    It's a rumour that's been getting a lot of attention, and from Utd I can believe it...

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    • Although he's quite an asset to any team he goes to, I doubt that ManUtd are interested in him and I think Ramos won't let him go.

    • ...blimey, bit of a rant there!

    • I think the point is that, whoever the player, coach, whatever, everybody's got a price...whether that be cash money or the kudos of playing in the CL.
      If our players and coaching staff can't get us into the CL don't worry about it, next time the transfer window opens you can go to a team that is in the CL.....Win-win!!
      The only people who are loyal to one club is the fans.

    • I didn't realise that not_blonde.... the most telling line of all being 'It was Commoli who told Levy that the club could dispense with Carrick because he believed Zokora was a better player'... how wrong he was (suprise, surprise!)

    • I do agree with you OF.

      The previous was posted in frustration at the way the press think that just because one of the 'Big Four' shows an interest, the player will automatically jump ship.... I'm pretty excited about the new season actually.... I've just got this good feeling (there that's cursed us) : )

    • Yeah, but do you not remember the stuff that (apparently, god knows if we'll ever hear any truth about anything) surrounded the Carrick sale?


      The relevant bit is:
      "It was Commoli who told Levy that the club could dispense with Carrick because he believed Zokora was a better player. Carrick was happy at Spurs in April 2006, when he went to talk to Levy about a new contract, with two years left on his existing one and his World Cup inclusion imminent. He had been Tottenham's best player and was central to Jol's plans.

      How negotiations unfolded, then collapsed, provides a fascinating insight into the running of the club. Carrick was on £25,000 a week and started talks by asking for £40,000, expecting to negotiate. He was laughed out of the room and told to re-sign on Spurs' terms, or be sold.

      Carrick, who wanted to stay, felt unwanted. He then discovered Sir Alex Ferguson was interested in him. At that season's Premier League annual meeting, David Gill of Manchester United put in a £10million bid and Levy dismissed it. The club denied at the time there had been an approach and have always insisted that Carrick was sold because he wanted to leave. He did, in the end - but only because he was so disenchanted at the way he had been treated. Before he went, Levy made a lame and late increased offer of £50,000 a week. It was a prize piece of botched dealing."

      Levy's surely not fool enough to do that to Keane, and if he is Joe Lewis needs to find a new chump.

    • I'm afraid I am a realist, my heart wants to say "Everyone stays and we're all a big happy (fitter) family" but our track record shouts "Saarf is right"....anyone remember Carrick?

    • well i for one have no illusions about next season, i think it will be hard as we have a few new faces and hopefully more to come in, in the guise of a cb, also i am resigned to the fact that we will definitely lose one if not both from smiler and keano ;-)

    • Lets take Gus out of the equation....he is after all the only one who has come out and publicly stated he wants to remain at the Lane.
      Old Fan is right...perhaps we have gotten a little frenzied with the various permutations of any future success we might have!.
      I propose a new attitude.........we lose Berbs and Keane but gain 2 or 3 decent replacements. JR takes us into the CL and we win a trophy! Our best players think being at Spurs is the dogs and Europes up and coming stars all want to sign for us next summer!
      Now maybe im losing touch with reality but It does feel better thinking this way :-)

    • Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves? Projecting what may or may not happen a year from now is like pi$$ing in the wind - I know that most of the things I've fretted about in the future have never actually happened that way I had it figured in my mind. For now it looks like we have a pretty good, young team, full of potential - a great coaching combo - and every reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season. Thrashing a local side doesn't amount to a hill of beans compared to EPL action, but just looking through the lineups for the 1st and 2nd half certainly got be salivating! Let's look at the possibility of Berbs, Keano, and Gus all staying, and if we play up to the potential, why wouldn't most of the players want to stay - good money, good football, and great fans!

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