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  • saarfend-spur saarfend-spur Jul 18, 2008 19:19 Flag

    Rocque Santa Cruz

    He'd be an excellent replacement for Berbs..... has shown he can cope with the PL.... doesn't throw his toys out of the pram every 5 minutes.... probably get him for about £12m - good profit for Blackburn.... 27 in August so a good few years left in him.

    Quick JR, get on the blower : )

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    • Exactly...get on the blower JR...these are the rumours i want to hear, if I have to hear any (but then not hearing is good too, just means we've kept dealings under the radar...I hope we're looking for strikers...all this mass selling hype (Sunderland) and then naming two wingers as replacements isn't giving me a comfortable feeling.