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  • dave dave Jul 18, 2008 21:37 Flag

    We should not be a stable to feed others

    don't think you'll get anyone disagree with you on that score.

    however, if a player is unhappy and wants to move to what he sees as a 'bigger club' or for cl football, he or his agent will do all they can to forge that move, irrespective of what the club, or its fans want, then get rid is what i say, and get as much as possible for that player as you possibly can, cos it's a fact that he will be a disruptive influence in the changing room, let's not lose sight of that pure and simple ;-)

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    • Agree with you berlinspur on the fact that we should let them move on and most certinaly cash in in such an event.

      But I also strongly feel we need to realise that we need to be replacing quality with like quality, as otherwise the money "victory" is a worthless and we have to start rebuilding instead of moving on from where we had got to.