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  • I have been a season-ticket holder for 15+ year's and with the exception of David Ginola I have refused to acknowledge any ex-players returning to WHL!!

    When Sol 'Judas-Scumbag' Campbell left he didn't give a s**t that he was letting down the supporters who had chanted out his name week in, week out, while he was at WHL!! now he is just a nobody plying his trade at a mediocre south-coast club.

    Robbie Keane will alway's be remembered as our cup winning captain, but he will soon be forgotten in time and will he be content with the scousers rotation policy?

    I don't think so somehow!!!!

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    • Spot on Mike. I was listening to Graham Roberts on TalkSport on Saturday and it occurred to me that we don't produce legends any more. Keane was probably the nearest we would get to a modern day Spurs legend. All he had to do was stay til his career was nearly up, not even the end of his career! - Sorry, I'm forgetting Ledders.
      But bad luck Robbie, no Whit Hart Fame for you!!