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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 24, 2008 19:25 Flag

    New vice-captain?

    I don't think that's entirely fair, it wasn't as soon as he became the main centre back; 06/07 he played every game bar one (I think it was 57 in the end) which a patchwork defense around him, and he was a superhero - many off the line clearances etc. Last season he had a bad season, I partly wonder if it's a case of the strain of being consistently partnered with the likes of Gardner the year before had taken their toll, so when he had better CBs to play with his defenses went down a bit because he didn't have to play for two anymore.

    Either way, I think he's been written off as a player a bit too early, and he's pretty high on the current captaincy list so I think there's something off pitch that we don't see. I also notice a lot of (seemingly...) genuine affection for him from the rest of the team, and he's more than willing to shout encouragement and arrange the defense. I reckon Woodgate arriving probably threw him a bit, and he didn't know where his place was in the team, so did step back a bit in the second half of the season, but I definitely think there's potential there. I think for him it really depends on how the pre-season's gone.

    Essex, Interesting that you say "not ready" for the captaincy, do you imagine keeping him and him being part of the first team line up still, and maybe developing? I was under the impression (I may have made it up) that you thought he'd do as squad player until we got someone better in.

    Also, what I wrote earlier reminded me, we STILL own Gardner - when can we get rid of him?!

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    • I cant recall calling for Dawson to go 'blonde' ( I bet you find an old quote of mine now eh?) I read your reasoning on Daws recent performances with interest. I guess I havent delved that deep into it myself.
      To answer your question I do envisage keeping Daws and believe he can do a job for us. As said alongside another strong CB he did fine. He just seemed to struggle with being the main man. I do believe he has the potential to go on and be the main man though.
      I think this ties in with my previous viewpoint about either nurturing talent and/or buying in the finished article. Currently we could do with another proven CB if we are to challenge the top 4 as King is likely to miss games. Daws has proved himself capable...he needs to do that every game from now on as we havent got time to wait around for these young guys to improve. I doubt JR will anyway.
      On the Gardner question I hear Hull have offered 2.5 million. Now that aint a bad offer considering.

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      • It's ok, I'm far too lazy for that!

        I think when we started getting defenders in and Dawson was having a bad spell a few people got a bit carried away with "now we can cut the deadwood" talk and I took some comments to mean Dawson, I thoguht a few from you, but my memory's not all that.

        Personally I rated him so highly a couple of years ago (as you may have noticed from me calling him a superhero) and was so excited by his potential that I refuse to believe it was more than an off season. Looking at it objectively, I think there are reason that his performance may have suffered, and I think our team probably need the break of the summer and the pre-season bonding more than any other, Dawson in particular.

        Spending some time non-competitive time with Woodgate should be useful so they can work out their working relationship - the stuff like which one of them will go up for corners, who's best for marking the fast players and who's better for finishers etc etc. From that we may well find our new vice captain.

        That said, I've got a feeling that there won't be much time for that, and Dawson could be another one off to Villa or Blackburn come January.

    • Don't get me wrong not_blonde - I've always liked Dawson as a player and he has been awesome for us in the past so it would be a shame if we let him slip through our fingers or kept him on the fringes.

      You're right too about partnering him with inconsistent players (eg Gardner), and yes maybe his confidence was dented by Woody's arrival but he's got enough grit and determination to fight back and I believe he is genuinely liked by the rest of the team (even if half of them are on their way out!). I'd like to see him partnered with Woody again if Leds doesn't play and maybe they can plug the gaps in our leaky defence.

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      • I feel that Dawson is very average as centre back go.Sure he looked good a couple of years ago but that was because he was playing next to King who is able to read the game so well and covered for him being dragged out of position. If you check the season befor last we were well in the bottom half of table at Christmas then King came back and we conceded very few goals and finished 5th again,
        I agree that Dawson may be able to partner Woodcock but that is again because Woodcock is a decent central defender but if both King and Woodcock are injured (who ever we have in goal) we will leak goals like we have in the past.

        Half of Robbos problems have been caused by no confidence in his central defenders both for England and Spurs.