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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 23, 2008 20:48 Flag

    New vice-captain?

    I'm with the guy who wrote the article - I don't think Woodgate'll get it, regardless of what the fans think. I think he'll be playing more regularly than JJ, but when JJ is playing he'll be more likely to captain (if Ledders isn't).

    Personally I think it's a non-starter to give the captain's armband to someone who's only been there 8 months too, but it's looking like most of our starting XI will be have been bought in the last 8 months, so that's no great surprise. I also prefer to have a captain a bit further forward (e.g. holding midfielder), where their positioning has more affect on the rest of the team - i.e. if they're getting forward the rest of the team can see this and follow the push, and vice versa - but that's just a personal preference, not a deciding factor.

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    • not_blonde - are you saying you'd prefer to see a holding midfielder as captain only if Leds isn't playing or regardless of whether he plays? As a centre back Leds often gets forward (and not just for corners or free kicks) and I think he or Woody for that matter would be perfectly capable of controlling the game from where they play.

      However, I still don't think that JJ will get the nod - I feel it'll be one more thing to distract him when we need him to be focused for the full 90 mins.

      Then again, Ramos may well surprise us all - should be an interesting last few weeks before the first kick-off!

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      • No, I just meant in general I prefer a captain who plays that sort of position - if it was between a holding mid player and another somewhere else on the pitch who were pretty even in terms of captain's attributes, I'd go for the HM.

        Just a general point of personal preference, not really relating it to our current situation.

        I wish we'd hurry up and get this Keane sale out of the way, it's obviously going to happen and I begrudge wasting the money on the traitor's wages now :(

    • In this thread, wasn't Woody counted out...because if he wasn't then I think its a no-brainer, length of service notwithstanding. I'm not in the locker room, but based on things you here in after match interviews and such, the team (the team that was) seem to take well to him. He just has a captain's air about him, where as JJ really doesn't (not saying he couldn't or wouldn't step up if given the honour).

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      • Woody was only temporarily ruled out for two reasons, Rambro: firstly when I realised everyone was going to pick him, therefore making the poll a bit pointless, and secondly because the likelihood of Woody & Leds being injured at the same time is still pretty high.

        I declared Woody the winner based on the Vital football poll, as they all seemed to think the same way as us. JJ came out as the choice for vice vice-captain!!! : )