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  • Good point Big G,

    I suppose it depends on who the player is, where he plays in the team and whether he is an integral part of the team!!

    Will Barry be missed by Aston Villa in the same way as us missing Robbie Keane? I don't know!!.

    All I do know is both of our main strikers have expressed a desire to ply their trade elsewhere.

    Hopefully when the transfer window closes we will still have them both at the club, or failing that get in suitable replacements for them!!

    It definately is a time of transition down at WHL!!

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    • To be honest Mike, I don't want either of them there now. They've both (allegedly!) expressed their desire to leave the club. If the deals are not completed and they end up staying I don't believe for a minute they'll give 100%.
      I've gone from feeling sick about the whole thing to resolving myself to seeing new strikers this season to actually relishing the though of a breath of fresh air and some new, hopefully very talented, blood.