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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 23, 2008 23:54 Flag

    Anyone fancy Andy Johnson at WHL?

    No way...and he's not another Bent, Bent's better and most wouldn't mind seeing the back of him as well...so NO NO NO NO to A Johnson.

    BTW I think Bent will come good if given the chance

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    • au contrare rambro, i believe johson is exactly another bent, full of promise but as yet to deliver ;-)

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      • How many games did Andy johnson start last year Berlin...versus how many DB started...and how many goals did each score.

        True DB hasn't done much for us to date, but I don't think he's been given much of a chance to.

        Defoe capsuled it when he said that strikers need to get their rhythm and timing right, and that doesn't happen when you occasionally come off the bench.

        Here's my problem with the bent purchase (other than the price...that's a no-brainer). You buy a striker and from day one you sit him on the bench...considering what we (over) paid for him its no wonder the rest of the league look at us andd smirk (and that's putting it mildly). If he, or JD or any other striker gets their chance...a run of a few games to get in stride, and they don't deliver, then fine, bench them, but I don't think that's the case here...the case here is we over-paid for a player already surplus to our requirements, as such putting both him and the team in a lose-lose situation.

        Another somewhat related but different thing...playing players out of position...sometimes its necessary, and the good ones get on with it and do the best they can do...but there are those who truly aren't comfortable in a new role, can't adapt, BUT, are pretty damn good in the role they were originally bought for. If malbranque goes to Sunderland and returns to the playmaker role he had at Fulham, people are going to wonder why didn't he play like that for us...Chimmmers, well, he's a different story, it's more the way he's conceived than anything...yeah, he was pretty crap at left back, but he was a useful right back, so I can only think that the top brass knew they were going to be shot of him and brought Hutton in (as far as I'm concerned the jury's still out though I can see what people see in him, I have seen a few speedsters go around him.

        Damn it's lunch time in America...will be back to carry on this tete a tete with you Berlin, and anyone else that wants to join in.