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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 24, 2008 17:34 Flag

    Tainio's gone, Chimbonda's next!!

    Me too. They've both served the team well, Chimbonda's made it clear he's financially driven but in that respect he's also wanted to do the best he can in order to pick up the biggest cheque, I've got no complaints. I think we managed to bang his cheating out of him too, which is quite a claim.

    Tanio seemed to know his place was as a squad player, and did very well at that, but of course he wanted more - he's a professional. I think he'll do well at Sunderland, and I'm loving having the northern and southern branches of the club.

    I'll be disappointed if we also lose The Steed, he went up 100 fold in my estimation last season. Not so long ago there were rumours about him going to Villa which I'd prefer - they may be one of our direct competitors, but (with all due respect to Sunderland) I don't want to watch him waste away in the lower realms of the table.

    Last but not least, Younes. One of Comolli's purchases that got Jol fired. It's a shame, we've not had him long and he's only young, particularly for a CB, but the boy's not a defender. Maybe he we could loan him to a championship side and get him to develop in grittier climbs, but as he is he's no great loss.

    Thanks and good luck to them all.

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    • If we are to achieve our ambitions then we need to be buying either the finished article or players who get better each game. With Younas he started averagely and got worse! Im all for bringing in new faces and developing them over time but that way lies mid table. YK was thrown straight into the front line and never quite recovered.
      The money from the sale of these 4 players (wherever they end up) plus cash from other sales (Robbo, Keane, Berbs, KPB etc) should be used to bring in the class acts that will push us into the upper echelons. Only then can we afford the luxury of blooding up and coming prospects like YK.