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    New take on Keano

    A Liverpool fan (I think) wrote this on the Transfer Talk page comments, which I'd not thought about. It's given me a bit of a boost in our potential for this season though! (By the way, I was all doom and gloom about a month ago when we talked about our potential for this season, but said nearer the time I'd think we could win the league... I don't yet, but I am getting that old bubble of excitement and ambition!):

    "Has it ever occured to anyone that taking Keane from Spurs and Barry from Villa may be just enough to keep both of them below 4th spot? When you're not given funds to buy the world class players you need to compete with the money of united, chelsea and to a lesser extent arsenal, sabotaging the teams you need to keep below you for now just might be the only option - unfortunately."

    I would expect the teams most likely to push Liverpool to be the two of us, Everton and Portsmouth (Man City I'm not too worried about); they can't buy from Everton without fallout, and Portsmouth will be as good as the team they build this summer, so the only thing to slow them would have been not selling them Crouch.

    An interesting different perspective.

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    • Saw something similar on Sky site...here,

      Paul Har (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...
      Robbie Keane at 20 million would be a steal for Liverpool - he'd get you a hatfull of goals, and set up a load more. Excelent team player - hope you don't get him! Particularly annoys me though the way the top 4 seem to be trying to damage the chasing pack rather than necessarily to improve themselves - Man U unsettling Berbatov, Liverpool unsettling Keane and Barry... all seems a bit familiar from a couple of years ago with Man U buying Carrick who the Spurs team was built around.

      Posted 12:03 25th July 2008