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  • Breathe a sigh of relief as Kaboul goes somewhere at a loss of £3 - 5m in 12 months.

    Lets hope we lose a few more of his timewasters,
    Prince-Boateng, Assiou Ekk or whatever his name is/was and Bent.......

    Ramos has got 12 months to get us to a minimum of 4th place; I hope he does it or Levy will say he's lost the dressing room and the whole cycle will start over again.

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    • Well if we're having a Commolli clear out let's do the job properly and get shot of him. He's cost us an absolute fortune in dud players since he arrived. I'm still convinced he's a plant sent in to destroy us - what with coming from the Ar5e and being such a close friend of Wenger's.

      As far as the players he's bought to the club I'd be inclined to give Assiou-Ekotto a little more time as he was injured for most of last season and Taarabt has great skill but needs to develop a lot. The rest seem like dead wood though.

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      • I say we will not get 4th this year. Why are'nt we allowing a 3 years or so timeline, like we did with Martin Jol?

        There are several clubs with Spurs ambitions, and then there are others that have "already made it" that will get guaranteed top 4.

        Think about it. Chelsea, Manu & Liverpool will be in the top 4. I'd happily bet on it down at Ladbrookes.

        Then you have Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Spurs, Man City, Portsmouth, going for 4th spot. These teams are all good, and will be taking points off each other.

        Unless Spurs get consistancy, and beat teams at the bottom of the league both home and away, we will not do it. Every season we lose to teams like Reading away. You rarely see Arsenal losing to a bottom 5 team even at relegaton times.

        I'm sorry folks, but like every other season that I can remember, this one will be a qualify for UEFA and hopefully win a cup season.

        Please be honest with yourselves. Every season we hype things up. This season is even more uncertain than any other with the future of our strikers uncertain. I still dont think the new Mexican can fill the boots of Berbatov and Keane.

        I really do think that Spurs should have gone for Crouch. I bet they were too embarassed, having sold the guy for peanuts years ago.

    • NO way spurs can acheive top 4 in the comming season. It will take at least until November for the team to gel properly. If they can produce top 4 form for the second half of the season they will be doing well. Cups for 08/09 top 4 09/10, champions leauge 10/11.

      Long bloody haul init.

    • i dont think ramo can do it, we are goin to lose two best strikers to l'pool and man utd. so he prob need 2 more season to build around the team before we can challenge for it, we are back to square 1 i am afraid unless we make a quality signture strikers who will score for spurs week in week out. harry, look like we wil ave to wait a wee longer now mate

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      • OK Waterboy - which one is it? Here you are saying no chance and in another post (same day) you say:
        "mike, do not over react what ferdinard said about it, we got a good quality midfields and we got dos santo improvin rapidly, i am sure dos santo will be world best signature of the year and all big clubs will be chasing to for his signature for aroujnd in region of 30millions once he start bangin in goals week in week out and i am sure we will sign a quality striker who play similiar role as keano and berbatov. PLEASE DO DO DO NOT PANIC, BE PATIENT and Ramo will deliver ;-) "
        So it seems you are talking out of both ends at the same time - either JR can do it or he can't - but you're showing your knickers if you flip flop both ways in the same day.
        For my money I think he'll do it, I think we'll have some top quality replacement strikers. Generally speaking, as a club we do not talk a lot about who we are going to get until it's pretty much a done deal. Let's face it JR is not a muppet - he knows that we will need a top quality strike force - he's not likely to start the season without one!