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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jul 28, 2008 22:37 Flag

    Today's transfer gossip

    They obviously want Keane more than Barry, and perhaps unsettling Villa - a team clearly on the up at the moment - was enough out of that mess.

    I would love to wish Keane well... if he'd gone about it in the right way. As for "I know what he said about wanting to see out his playing days at Spurs, but I honestly think he meant it and didn't have any idea that the Scousers would come in with a bid for him this summer" - so he didn't really want to see out his playing days with us then, he just thought he would because he wasn't good enough for the 'proper teams'? That doesn't make me any happier about it!

    He's a coward and a liar, which affects everything I previously respected him for. In my mind he was always due for the hall of fame and Legend status, but he's ruined that for himself. I'm disgusted by this move.

    All this said, in a year or two I reckon we'll hear some behind the scenes gossip about it which may mean it makes more sense (a bit like the Carrick stuff). I certainly hope so.

    Bye bye Robbie, enjoy the rotation policy.

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    • Sorry, but I have to disagree not_blonde. Given Keano's age (28) I genuinely believe he thought he would see out his playing days with us. Then out of the blue comes a bid from his boyhood heroes and, let's face it, the chance to play Champs League footie THIS season. I can't blame him for wanting that now, especially as I reckon he's got maybe 2 more very good seasons in him then will probably start to go off the boil.

      I think this is a far more emotive transfer than the Berba saga and many of us will have to agree to disagree. If however, something a la Carrick does come out of the woodwork then I reserve the right to change my opinion.

      I do agree that he won't enjoy the rotation policy at Anfield though - unless for some reason Rafa's had a change of heart.