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  • Burgertop goes, we've got Santos and Modric, in comes Diego Milito and David Villa, the Bentley deal goes through.......sorry, Robbie who??

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    • Agree that this would not be too bad......... but consider Berbatov staying partnered by Bent with Santos and Modric supplying quality ball at a cracking pace.
      ? Berbatovs 'sulking' in many games looked to me like someone who wanted the early ball and didn't get it.
      In Santos and Modric that may well be cured by an excellent coach and manager, who last year were playing damage limitation in the league

      Add in another striker on rotation - be it for tactics or fitness and it doesn't look that bad to me.
      Bent was top scorer in the premiership just a few seasons ago - he really does need a good run of games. Didn't we beat off Man U to his signature?

      On a very good end note - Jenas - who needs to be more consistent and injury free, looks to have eaten all the pies on the trip to Spain - maybe he won't get wrestled off the ball as easily this season

    • I don't want a better player, I want a Legend!! :'(

      (Sorry, I'm pretty hungover and sleep deprived, Keane's medical news is making me all emotional ;) )

    • Don't know Big G,

      That's alot of if's, but's & maybe's!!

      It's true that we will have the cash from the sale of Berbs & Keane + a few others, but can we be convincing enough to persuede all these high-profile stars that you have mentioned to join us - I mean they may well have better options open to them i.e: club's that can offer them CL footy.

      Whereas all we can offer them is UEFA cup football this season!!

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      • It seems with DVilla its just a bit of hype by his agent to get us to put in a bid so as to panic Real into snapping him up. Real get their man, the agent gets his cut and we sit there looking like a bunch of wnakers!
        I know we will miss Keane but he is replaceable and you can bet JR will snap up a decent striker with the dosh. The Berbatov -Keane partnership has been awsome....its about to be broken up ....why are we all so convinced they will continue to score so freely where they are going? OK you'd put money on Berbs doing the business elsewhere but its going to be interesting to see if Keane can do it.