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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 30, 2008 04:43 Flag

    I'm certifiable

    You should have seen me trying to be the first to break the Keane to Scouse news here yesterday while the Message Board was down...I was pulling me 'air out! Felt like a Crystal meth hit and all I could get was a cigarette!!! (Virgina Slims at that)

    Sorry to see Keane go...he did a great job in the Spurs shirt...and I think we had the gypsy longer than anyone, so i guess we have to be satisfied (and 20 mil for his age aint bad...although it tells me that Benitez is going all out for the championship this year (he's probably been given an ultimatum).

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    • lol i was the same, i was mega angry and well pee off with yahoo as i want to give my opinion and my thought of keane signin for Livshitpool. but my anger have dissappear lol, and i love what gomes sed about spurs, he reckon we can win the premiership, that lift up my spirit but i doubt it, and bent scorin 4 goals, my gf fancy him big time, i just hope he do better this season than last season and if he is to play reguarly, i want him to score over 20 goals in all competition then i will be happy!
      Dos Santo to be the star of this new season i reckon! i have him on my fantasy team ;-)

    • Ok!! What's going on?

      Why can't I post any messages?

    • You weren't the only one Rambr0 - I think we were all champing at the bit to be the first. I thought it was just my PC playing up but I tried on the laptop and got the same thing. At least it's working now though :-)

      I'm sorry to see Keano go too, I honestly thought he'd stay at the Lane until retirement, and while I disagree with some of what he said at his unveiling as a Scouser, I do wish him well (though not against us of course!). Still not sure he'll get a game every week though - but time will tell I suppose.

      Agree about Rafa being given an ultimatum - I reckon he's already on borrowed time and may even get the chop mid-season if the Scousers haven't done well by then.

      Still not sure where they got the dosh from to buy Keano but it if helps us bring in another quality striker I'm happy - the jury's still out on Bent as far as I'm concerned, but if Berba stays then with Modric and Dos Santos in midfield they could make an awesome combination.