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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 31, 2008 03:16 Flag

    Give Bent a chance, he's a proven goal scorer

    Yes... Berbatov is showing all the signs that he wants out of White Hart Lane!! He was acting like a spoilt child last season and he was showing all the indications that he didn't want to be at Spurs.

    At the start of last season we had 4 strikers now we'll be down to just Darren Bent after Berbatov goes.

    We need at least 3 strikers ( if we count Dos Santos as a striker, rather then a midfield player ) if we are to make any impact in the league.

    I think Arshavin & Bentley would be a fantastic purchase's.... Ramos likes them, and lets face it JR is a very good judge of character.

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    • I'm not buying the Arshavin bit, but we will need more strikers...bring Pekhart along in some of the lower profile games and cup matches and we'll have them all throwing their rattles out the pram by January...great situation to be in actually, but the papers will put a different spin on it

      Oh and Chippenham...By no means did Roy Keane leave manure in the same fashion that his namesake left us, so while you have your right to call him a Spurs legend, and I'm sure there are many who'll agree, and many, like me, who won't, I can't agree with your example. (And like many here, I don't put Keane in the Campbell category, and also like many here I do wish Keane well...except against us).