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  • I find it difficult to agree with you, he is a year younger then Keane & probably has more European experience - I say just give the bloke a chance.

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    • I agree with u Mike, but he did well in euro 2008 and his club, but premiership is a different league, its a very tough league, possible the best in the world, but ashavin play well for the international laterly, he might be on the best form of his life, how come we never heard of him until now???? he had a good season yeahhh but he might have a poor season this new season and the money will be a waste, look at the ulkrian striker rebrov, remember him? he similar to the player we want to sign and he a big flop for us! i am just sayin he havent prove it enough yet, i hope he prove me wrong if we sign him!!!!!