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    Can you finish above Arsenal


    I have just started posting on these boards today and have noticed that a few of you have been 'putting it about' on the Arsenal board.

    As a gooner from south London (yeah I know) I am interested in hearing whether you really think you have the ability and depth this year to finish above us?


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    • hi there
      as a spurs fan we havent a hope of finishing above arsanil not with that pile of shit i watched tonight against villa what the f#*ck is ramos doing spurs are a team with no passion or balls send over the arsanil youngsters theyll do a better job

    • what a joke, spurs are just a feeder team to the big premiership clubs. name one spurs player that wud get on the arsenal team???

      Your midfield is too lightweight, your forward line lacks quality and your defence lacks fitness and sustainability.

      Admit it, you would swap the spurs first 11 for arsenals anyday

    • greatmuta, I wish we knew!

      Bent will be our only senior striker, although Pekhart has been threatening to push through for a little while - I think it was because we had a wealth of strikers for such a long time that he's not had a chance, he's made the bench a few times so hopefully we can break him in in some 'easier' games. We will have a striker shortage, although I imagine there must be a replacement ready to come in.

      As for formation... I'm presuming it must be a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-2-1 - I think probably the latter. There will definitely be some last minute shopping going on though - currently I think we've sold 8 players this summer (Berbs will be 9) and brought in 5.

    • the info is on wikipedia, your have to search though it dont just come up with info, i knew the first 3 seasons from 2008 down who was top of the table in december, then i had to check the rest by reading.

    • devil: Post the link where you got that info

    • more like crystal meth

    • far from it. i run my own business from home, and i am busy alot, sorting out the contractors for jobs. but i do have time to study the stats.

    • devil_fish, are you stato in disguise? or are you just a sad lonely individual with too much time on your hands!!!!

    • Not reading everything here, but I'll say this (and Essex said it already)...the thread question was, do we (spuds) think that we can finish above you (goons). It was a well asked question, but it was a question that, in the way it was put was a bit too open-ended. A lot of factors can go into your success or lack thereof in a football match those factors extrapolated over the course of a season can make or break a team (injuries, ref. calls good and bad, team spirit)...those things aside, i think we have the talent to finish high up in the table.

      Now, the one thing you mentioned that we (supposedly) pre-occupy ourselves with is that we focus on beating you goons when we should be focusing on the bigger picture; in this case we had to focus on you goons to answer the question set before us. We do have to have a champions mentatlity however and think about greater achievement...like winning the league (can we?...again, we have the talent, you have to start with that...we have the coaching staff...we have the fan support), so with all that I say we are in with a shot...but the intangibles are going to be the thing that gets us over the top (do we have the heart of a champion...someone one asked in one of the other threads, pre-season all well and good, but can we grind out tough results (particularly away from home), can we come back from being behind against a well organized squad. These are the things yet to be proved. Those with the heart of a champion, always beleive there is a way and our organization should be preaching that from botttom to top and top to bottom. There's no room for doubt (not for the team or the individual).

      It all remains to be seen (we were unbeaten last pre-season after all...and won that cup in South Africa that Manure won this pre-season...wonder if it has a jinx?...point is, pre-season should get you ready, mainly physically mostly tactically, for the main event. my hope is that we are competitive and that no one looks forward to playing us (the way there's a kid you think you can beat but would hate to fight)...especially away (home will take care of itself).

      I'd be shooting for 1st or second (auto-in to the CL), but in reality finishing second would be heartbreaking, except if we pulled off a late season run and leap-frogged a couple of teams to get it...then it would be sweet, but the way Chavski got it...naw, that would hurt. Oh, and the way the Gooners threw the championship away would be even more painful (and didn't get second either)

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