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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 4, 2008 22:22 Flag

    Can you finish above Arsenal

    Hello Kevin,
    A civil question will always elicit a civil response mate.......
    Whilst I hate predicting end of season placings before its even begun ( I dont use the word 'never' which seems to be a favoured choice on your board!)..I will say this. I believe we are stronger than last year and also believe you are weaker than last season. Thats not to say the gap has closed enough for us to leapfrog you but i think it is closing.......only time will tell.
    Its as simple as that...........yeah there is a lot of banter over on your site at the moment and Iis fair to say I have dished my fair share but if you go back and read you will see I have only taken umbrage at th sad old churned out comments about us 'never' being as good as you.....only a fool will swallow that stuff.
    Over to you...

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    • Well put Essex.

      Kevin - I'd like to think we could finish above the Gooners this season, but there's something about AW and how he can coax his team of youngsters to do well that makes you hard to beat. Also, our 5-1 CC semi victory us aside, we seem to have a mental block about being able to beat you, but I'm hoping that will change with our new signings and the general air of confidence we seem to have about us.

      All in all, it'll be an interesting season but like Essex I don't want to predict anything (likely it'd be the kiss of death!).

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      • Can we? Yes we can - at least we have the talent and the ability. Will we? - that's another matter. Will we play up to our potential and get rid of the underachiever stigma, will we remain relatively injury free, will all of the new signings gel from the start if the season - the answers to all of these questions are somewhat in the lap of the Gods. Likewise, will AW be able to pull his youngsters in to shape for an entire season (plus the same injury etc. questions for him)? I do think we are going to see some of the finest footbal we have seen at the Lane for a long time, and I think we will be able to carry that to the away games - which after all will be the proof of the pudding and likely determine where we finish in the league.